Bathtime in DoD HQ

Our stinky puppies decided to roll in everything death at Big King Park yesterday, so we started today with a bath! I adore bath time with the babes, but unfortunately they are not so enthusiastic. Ludo looks pitiful and has to be coddled through the process. Pica being the tough girl she is reluctantly jumps in on her own but audibly grumbles throughout the process.

We have been using this amazing dog wash and detangler from Phoebe & Fitz and it's to die for! The consistency makes it so easy to get in their fur, and it spreads and washes off amazingly well. I only used a small amount in my palm for each dog, so each bottle most definitely goes a long way. 

What I particularly love about the product is that it is also handmade right here in Auckland. It contains all eco and animal friendly ingredients, and no nasty additives or colours. 

It's made with manuka honey, kowhai extract and red clover which act as natural anti-irritants for the skin and make the kids smell delicious! The essential oils in it also aid as a flea deterrent so this is a great adjunct to your babe wearing a Pawtect Pendant. The detangler would be especially good for long haired doggies, but with our guys it's made them super soft and silky. Mr DoD has been caught stroking Ludo's fur all day today it feels so good ;) .

If you'd like to pamper your doggy as well as your senses, grab a bottle from us. I can see this becoming a weekly habit for us it makes Pica and Ludo feel and smell so good! Feel free to message us with any questions you have as well. 

We of course finish our bath off with a DoD bathtime buddy each to get the babes dry and warm.

Love, wuffs and wags, 

Laura, Pica and Ludo. xx