Pawtect Pendant
Pawtect Pendant
Pawtect Pendant
Pawtect Pendant

Pawtect Pendant


Chemical free flea and tick repellant.

Pawtect Pendants are an innovative, natural solution designed to effectively control fleas, ticks and mosquitos without harmful chemicals or expensive flea treatments.

The Pawtect contains thousands of small silicon particles, and the heat from your pets body causes these particles to vibrate. The vibration is undetectable to humans and pets, but it is extremely uncomfortable for ticks and fleas. 

And as each Pawtect lasts for two years, thats only $4 a month for flea protection - around a third of the cost of chemiclal-based treatments. 


  • Effectively controls fleas, ticks and mosquitos
  • Supports a healthy skin and coat
  • Protects your pet for up to 24months*
  • Assists with natural health balance
  • Minimises/eliminates skin irritations and allergies
  • Improves and strengthens your pet’s immune system
  • Encourages a naturally calm and content demeanour

Petite Paws – designed for kittens through to medium size dogs, Petite Paws is a slim light-weight pendant for pets up to 15kgs.

Grande Paws – for medium to large dogs weighing 10 – 50kgs**.

Please note:
* In the height of summer, or in a heavily flea-infested environment some animals may require additional protection (In our house a good neem shampoo and the occasional flea comb do the trick).
** Dogs over 50kgs require an additional Pawtect pendant.